Day 2 Program

Saturday, 30th November 2019 (08:30 to 17:00)

Wah Yan College, Hong Kong

Theme: “Brotherhood Beyond Time” “穿越百年情”

Presentation Video
08:30 Registration
Session 1
Sing WYK and WYHK School Songs
Opening Speech from School Supervisor Rev. Fr. Stephen Chow, S.J. (WYHK & WYK Supervisor)
Sharing on WYHK Dr. Davis Chan (WYHK Principal)
Sharing on WYK Mr. Warren Chung (WYK Principal)
Sharing on “Promotion of Jesuit Education in the Chinese Province” Dr. So Ying-Lun (WYHK Asst. Supervisor and Director, Centre for Jesuit Education)
Session 2
International Chapters Sharing Moderator: Michael Au (WYHK ’69)
Australia Louvre Tang (WYK ’09)
Vancouver Lawrence Chan (WYK ’72)
Calgary Tony PK Wong (WYHK ’64)
Edmonton WYIR MC
Ontario – WYHK Andrew Ng (WYHK ’77)
Ontario – WYK WYIR MC
Beijing, Shanghai, South China WYIR MC
United Kingdom Nelson Ng (WYHK ’00)
US Eastern James Wong (WYK ’66)
Houston Michael Au (WYHK ’69)
San Francisco Stan Chow (WYHK ’81), Joseph Tsang (WYK ’64)
Southern California WYIR MC
HK WYHK PSA Brian Tsui (WYHK ’92)
HK WYK PSA Stephen Lam (WYK ’96)
Session 3
Sharing on Tin Shui Wai Project Daniel Mak (WYHK ’71)
Real Estate Fraternity Sharing Sheldon Ip (WYK ’96)
Legal Fraternity Sharing Jimmy Chan (WYK ’84)
Jason Yu (WYHK ’04)
Medical Fraternity Sharing Dr. Thomas Tsang (WYHK ’83)
Dr. Gabriel Chu (WYK ’04)
Finance Fraternity Sharing Joseph Chan (WYHK ’94)
Session 4
Sharing from Student Ambassadors 2018-19 Kelvin Wong (2018-19 WYK Student Ambassador)
Justin Chan (2018-19 WYHK Student Ambassador)
Student of the Year and Student Ambassador 2019-20 – Announcement and Prize Presentation Dr. Thomas Tsang (WYHK ’83) / Stephen Lam (WYK ’96)
Remarks by Wah Yan International Convener Michael Au (WYHK ’69)
Group Photo Taking
Session 5
Panel Discussion – 論盡華仁……過去、現在與將來 Moderator: Professor Tai-lok Lui (WYHK ’75)
Professor Anthony Bing-leung Cheung, GBS, BBS, JP (WYHK ’69)
Professor Paul Kwong-hang Tam, JP (WYHK ’69)
Stephen Sui-lung Lam, OBE, GBM, GBS (WYHK ’73)
Thomas Cho-fai Lam (WYK ’83)
Saville Sum-yiu Chan (WYK ’91)
Chan Chung (WYHK ’98)
Curtis Wan-yui Yeung (WYK ’05)
Session 6
Closing Remarks by OC Chairman Armen Ho (WYHK ’93)
Announcement on Optional Activities
Session 7
Optional Activities
Option A: Visit and pay respect to Jesuits Priests in St. Michael Cemetery Fr. Rev. Clement Tsui, S.J., Peter Tang
Option B: “Spiritual Walk on Wah Yan Campus” ( “華仁校園靈修行”)

(Tour the school and listen to the stories about Jesuit Education Characteristics and how the Irish Jesuit Fathers and some alumni have lived out those Characteristics.)

Nelson Dai (WYHK ’93 and WYHK teacher)
16:00 Mass and Sharing – WYCHK Chapel Fr. Rev. Clement Tsui, S.J.
17:00 End of the Program