About WYIR

Wah Yan International Reunion (“WYIR” and formerly known as IC or Wah Yan International Conference) is one of the important events for Wah Yan alumni across the globe to meet together. The first Wah Yan International Conference ran in 1988 with the theme, Wah Yan Family Around the World. After that, WYIR holds every two years and has the following four key objectives:

  1. To provide fellowship opportunities between local and overseas Wahyanites
  2. To allow Wah Yan alumni all over the World to better understand the wellbeing of each other
  3. To keep alumni informed about both Wah Yan Colleges in Hong Kong and Kowloon
  4. To explore possible improvements on our Global Link networking

The 16th WYIR will be held in Hong Kong from 29 November 2019 to 1 December 2019 and co-organised by the past student associations of both Wah Yan Hong Kong and Wah Yan Kowloon.


Year Location Theme
1988 Hong Kong Wah Yan Family Around the World
1990 Vancouver Unity is Strength
1992 Hong Kong Wah Yan Spirit
1994 San Francisco Towards a Global Wah Yan Community
1996 Hong Kong Wah Yan Towards Year 2000
1998 Calgary New Wave of Wahyanites
2000 Los Angeles Wah Yan Spirit in the New Millennium
2002 Toronto Beyond Nostalgia
2004 Hong Kong Timeless Bonding
2006 Vancouver The Unforgettable Link
2008 Hong Kong Timeless Bonding In Action
2010 Los Angeles Wah Yan Education, Spirit and Service
2012 New York Men For Others
2014 Hong Kong Heritage of the Jesuits
2017 San Francisco Setting the world on fire, Service as the fuel of Wanyanites’ life journey
2019 Hong Kong Brotherhood Beyond Time 穿越百年情