Message from Mr Chung

We feel exceptionally blessed to enjoy your presence at our Wah Yan International and Cross-Fraternities Reunion, to celebrate our brotherhood and reminisce about our golden moments of being together. Wah Yan means much more than a school to us, as here we have found our best companions and here we have morphed from teenagers to fine gentlemen. It is not the scintillating lessons that we remember, but it is the people around that helped us to find good in all things. What we fondly remember is the brotherhood, the people we knew, the clubs we joined, the activities we attended and the sports we played. From these, we have built a lifelong network of friends and partners, accompanying us and creating a rosy future with us.

Together, we go forth and set the world on fire. This is the legacy of our fathers and teachers who have instilled in us the mission to serve and the determination to excel, energising us with compassion and conscience while stretching our competence and commitment. The passing away of our giants, Fr. Deignan, S.J., Fr. Naylor, S.J. and Mr. Anthony Ho, rattled the whole Wah Yan community but their spirit lives on. Their legacy shall empower us, as we have learnt compassion from Fr. Deignan, Magis from Fr. Naylor and modesty from Mr. Ho, forming our character and inspiring us to follow in their footsteps, living our life as leaders-in-service.

We all come here to celebrate our past but we also gather together to accompany Wah Yan in the creation of a hope-filled future. When we reunite here at Wah Yan for a walk down memory lane, we also set ourselves as role models for many generations of Wahyanites, heartening them to be Men of Human Excellence and Men for and with Others. Both Wah Yans are not direct subsidy schools and we do not collect any school fees, offering our quality Jesuit education without asking for any return. It has become more and more challenging for Wah Yan to move forward, and as alumni, our mission is to chaperone our Alma Mater to respond to the needs of the times, supporting selflessly and shepherding steadfastly. You and I shall position Wah Yan on the leading edge of the waves of change.

While we are celebrating the centenary and the 95th anniversary of Wah Yan College, Hong Kong and Wah Yan College, Kowloon respectively, let us set our eyes on the future with faith and hope. Together we shall conquer, In Hoc Signo Vinces. Why am I so sanguine about the future? One word: brotherhood. The timeless bonding of Wahyanites and the staunch support for our community shall outpace any challenge ahead. Let’s accompany Wah Yan to go ahead of the curve and achieve a promising future.

Warren Chung
Wah Yan College, Kowloon